New PDF release: A Behaviorist Looks at Form Recognition

By William R. Uttal

ISBN-10: 0585419655

ISBN-13: 9780585419657

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Gestalt, on the other hand has exactly the opposite handicap. 4. DEFINITIONS OF TERMS 31 parts. This word, therefore, also has superfluous meaning. It not only assumes that the parts are inconsequential, but furthermore, that they, for some fundamental reason, are inaccessible. The term Gestalt is, therefore, basically a holistic or molar concept. It ignores the role for features in exactly the opposite sense that the term configuration is, at its most primitive roots, elementalist. Whereas, configuration instantiates the concept of parts and gives a kind of preempirical credibility and influence to them, Gestalt eschews parts in favor of some kind of a yet-to-bedefined global property or metric.

His use of form in this sense was a metaphysical statement rather than a physical one. Implicit in Aristotle’s philosophy, on the other hand, was something with which manyof us are quite comfortable-his holistic a p proach to form. 92). 2. Another important influence on the shaping of our concepts of form came from the Arab philosophers of the 10th and 11th centuries when Europe was intellectually quiescent, Of these, two are of special importance. Avicenna (980-1037) dealt with form as a property of a material objects, a property comparable to the matter of which it was composed.

3. A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE CONCEPT OF FORM 21 FIG. 1. This figure,which has become a classic,is among the strongest a priori evidence that the local features of which a global form is constructed matter less than the global form itself. , Green & Courtis, 1966, Blesser et al. 1973. and many illustrations in Hofstadter, 1985, make the same point. This one is from Kolers (1970). Reprinted with permission from Academic Press. to them. This figure presents a set of exemplars of a single form in which no individual member of the set sharesany of the local features or component parts with another.

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