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Making copies of this work or distributing it to any unauthorized person by any means, including without limit email, floppy disk, file transfer, paper print out, or any other method constitutes a violation of International copyright law and subjects the violator to severe fines or imprisonment. ISBN 1-58873-515-X All rights reserved This book may not be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission. com/spellcaster Part One CHAPTER 1 Scrooge woke up, turned over, and groaned. He felt hot and uncomfortable, and his forehead was damp with sweat.

It was comfortably warm in the café, and both Scrooge and Billy took off their top layer of clothing. Then they sat down and the proprietor gave them menus. He hovered, and sighed faintly, not quite holding his nose but clearly less than happy. Scrooge ignored him. ’ he asked. 'No, not really. ' 'Very well.... If I might make a suggestion, perhaps we should begin with porridge, and then a boiled egg. Followed by toast and coffee. That sound all right to you? 'Cor! ' Mr Montini turned away, bawling out the order to Mrs Montini, who was never seen but lurked somewhere in the kitchen.

Well, so they say. But in fact the Christians did not begin to mark it as the birthday of their savior until about four hundred AD. So I myself am inclined to think that the celebrations at this time of year are a festival to mark the rebirth of the sun. The Romans used to feast at this time of year, long before Jesus ever appeared. And they did all the things we do—they decorated their temples with greenery and holly. They gave gifts too. ' 'Yes. He was the Roman god of agriculture. You see, Billy, up until Christmas-time the days were getting shorter, and the nights longer.

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