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By Yuanwen Lu

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Collocation is a crucial device in describing lexical behaviour in language and has obtained expanding recognition lately.

Based on corpora: LOCNESS (the Louvain Corpus of local English Essays) and MLC (the Non-English significant Mainland chinese language Learner Corpus), this ebook explores the positive factors of chinese language learner English with research of grammatical and lexical collocations. The findings exhibit that chinese language college scholars use collocations with significantly much less kind and chinese and tradition exert a considerable impact on their English writing. It additionally discusses how one can take on the issues chinese language English beginners face and the pedagogical implications for instructing English and studying English collocations.

As one of many first systematic stories to enquire collocations in chinese language learner English according to learner corpora, this publication not just analyzes how chinese language beginners use collocations of their English writing, but additionally offers major implications for overseas language educating and learning.

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With the advent of modern computer technology and large language corpora, EFL lexicography takes on a new look. In this section, I€will first discuss how collocation is reflected in the EFL lexicography, and then move on to a discussion of collocational dictionaries. 1╅ Collocation in EFL lexicography Collocation in EFL lexicography is presented in the explanations and the examples in EFL dictionaries. The first EFL dictionary based on a computer corpus is the Collins Cobuild English Language Dictionary (1987, henceforth CCELD in this book).

Notes 1 There are different terms for “word-like unit” and “sentence-like unit”, for example, “nomination” and “composite” for the former, “proposition” and “functional expression” for the latter (Cowie, 1998: 5). 2 T-score and I-score are calculated on the basis of the observed and expected frequency of occurrence of co-occurring words. They are discussed in detail in Stubbs (1995). 3 Cruse (1986: 104) defines “selector” and “selectee” as follows: In a head-modifier construction, the modifier is the selector, the head is the selectee; whereas in a headcomplement construction, the head is the selector, the complement is the selectee.

6 Susan Hunston sees “semantic prosody” as meaning connotation (personal communication, July€2001). 7 Allerton (1984) did not mention how he arrived at such a conclusion, but it is interesting to validate what he said via a corpus-based study. htm. com. 10 Kjellmer (1994: xxxv–xl) gives a detailed description of these technical terms such as “exclusive frequency”, “inclusive frequency”, “relative frequency”, “distinctiveness index”, etc. 1â•… Data description: LOCNESS and MLC The present study is based on three corpora: 1 LOCNESS, a corpus of British and American university students’ writing, a native speaker component of the International Corpus of Learner English (ICLE1); 2 MLC, a corpus of non-English major Mainland Chinese university students’ writing, a sub-corpus of Chinese Learner English Corpus (CLEC); 3 Bank of English (BoE2), one of the largest modern native speaker corpora at present.

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