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By Brousseau, Anne-Marie; Lefebvre, Claire

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16) a. vl wä c. 'child' 'to build' 'evil spell' 'mashed yam' 'to arrive' operator in relative clauses b. fa kpe äson linkun 'fresh' 'to meet' 'fresh water crab' 'millet' *vL Hypothetical forms such as those illustrated in (16c) and (16d) are not possible in Fongbe. A simple H tone may not follow a voiced obstruent or a sonorant, and a rising LH tone may not follow a voiceless obstruent. 1' Similarly, the complementary distribution of L and H tones on the first syllable of reduplicated forms logically follows if we assume that voiced consonants bear some sort of a L tone.

7. Note that Capo analyses /b/ as a voiced stop, not as a sonorant. g. 6. /, [m] and [n] with respect to tonological processes. Other scholars state that in Ewe, /γ/ is realised either as a voiced fricative (Berry 1951; Westerman 1930) or as a glide (Ansre 1961; Smith 1968). For Lafage (1985), the fricative and the glide are independent phonemes in the Ewe inventory of consonants. See also Capo (1994) for a discussion of the velar sonorant in Gbe. e. as a single point of skeleton attached to two segments (see (ii)).

The presupposed shared information may correspond to something that has been said earlier in the conversation, to the event denoted by the clause or to a subpart of the event. Furthermore, the interpretation of a clause containing the definite determiner interacts with the temporal and aspectual interpretation of the clause. To the best of our knowledge, a definite determiner that occurs in nominal structures and also plays a central role in clause structures is a rather rare phenomenon among the languages of the world.

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