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This Path is long and difficult and beset with many obstacles. Many pilgrims lose heart and only a few persevere until the end is in sight. But upon the Path are certain heights to be attained, certain viewpoints or resting places whence one may look back and survey what has been accomplished. One of the major eminences or heights to be attained on the Path, one that frequently guarantees ultimate success in the striving of the Pilgrim, is the achievement known as the "Crowning of Reason", or making Reason the King.

Do not put them aside with the thought that maybe next week you will get to them. This is a privilege to be cherished. You have worked and aspired to it. Do not lose it now. The third form of prayer is called Meditation. In it the student commands help and assistance from the Cosmic much as in the first form of prayer, but with this essential difference--he acts with sureness and a confidence which is the result of training and previous success. In Meditation the student consciously and deliberately employs the instructions given him in the monographs and directs his efforts for the benefit of struggling humanity.

As you can see the bringing of light to the minds of others and love to their hearts is in most cases a step by step process. These examples I have given are crude and any actual situation you encounter will be far more complicated and require more subtle treatment. Today the great enemy of love is not hate but fear. Try to eradicate fear from your own nature and help others to do the same. Most fears dissolve under mental analysis if faced squarely and bravely. And when fear has been overcome hate does not last very long after.

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