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The hunger of man is not satiated merely by talking. ) 2. Guru Nanak Dev Amrit vela sach nao, vadaei vichar, Karmi aavai kapra, nadri mokh doar. Nanak evai jaaneryai, sabh aapai sachiyaar. Meditate in the Praise of the Glorification of Greatness of the True Name of the Lord in the ambrosial morn. This boon is attained through His Grace, and the deliverance is also through His Benediction. ) 46 Guru Angad Dev Doha sirian aapai khasam, vekhai kar viopai. Nanak evain janiai, sabh kich tisai rajai.

B. Astpadis Guru Nanak Dev and Guru Amar Das wrote Astpadis in Guareri and Bairagan sub-rags of Rag Gauri. Guru Nanak wrote 16 Astpadis and Guru Amar Das 8 in Guareri sub-rag. All the verses are small. There is another important thing to note. Out of 16 Astpadis of Guru Nanak Dev, there are 2 sections of four verses, 9 sections of 3 verses and 5 sections of 2 verses each. In Guru Amar Das’s Compositions there is 1 section of 4 verses, 6 sections of 3 verses and 1 section of 2 verses. In Bairagan sub-rag, there are 2 Astpadis of Guru Nanak Dev, all the sections aie of2 verses each, and so is the case of 1Astpadi of Guru Amar Das in this sub-rag.

Guru Ram Das, Ghar 7 tere kavan kavan gun kaih kaih gava, tu sahib guni nidhana..... jin kai antar vasiya mera har har, tin ke sabh rog gavaye Under Ghar 2, the verses of the Shabads of both the Gurus, are short, like “chaupai”, and each section is of 2 verses, for example - Guru Nanak Dev, Ghar 2 antar vasai na bahar jaye..... Guru Ram Das, Ghar 2 gurmat nagri khoj khojayi..... har kirpa karai mun har rung laye..... jehva har ras rehi aghaye..... Who can deny that Guru Ram Das had with him the Compositions of Guru Nanak Dev ?

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