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We go into one of the shops,’ said Trudi. ’ Roger hefted his money bags. ’ He pushed the pace into a near sprint. Behind him, Rick and Trudi muttered. Beyond a buttress he hauled left, into a tiny space between two buildings. ‘Huh,’ said Rick. Then they were following a narrow lane parallel to the street. Unable to hold bags out to the side, they had to move awkwardly. Soon Roger’s shoulders were filled with pain, and he was finding it hard to breathe. Behind him, Rick and Trudi were struggling.

Alisha was frowning, and Roger took a moment to wonder why. The appearance of turbulence and other phase transitions in the Cyclone Lab just now - perhaps there had been a reason for Helsen’s showing them that, a hint in how to approach their analysis of Assumption 17: A surveilled society is a safe society. ‘For the rest of the afternoon,’ continued Helsen, ‘I’d like you to construct a simulation of an Earth city from the 1920s. ’ Then she turned away and stared across the plaza, either lost in thought or deep in Skein - as deep as an ordinary human could go, at any rate.

Anything you like, anywhere in the city. To escape, to achieve game over, you need to get on board a train - any train - at the Hauptbahnhof or one of the minor stations. That’s how you hypothetically might win, while our goal is to arrest you. ’ ‘But—’ ‘So we’ll decamp and let you plan. ’ Rick mouthed the word decamp. Trudi spoke up. ’ At that, Alisha, Angela and Stef disappeared. They might remain close in reality, but they would now be in some other part of the simulation, perhaps in whatever passed for Police HQ.

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