Advanced hatha yoga : classic methods of physical education by Shyam Sundar Goswami PDF

By Shyam Sundar Goswami

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The vintage Hatha yoga guide for a powerful, very important, attractive physique and a balanced, harmonious, chuffed brain

• comprises directions for plenty of complex Hatha yoga workouts to construct power, stamina, and solid posture, the required foundation for non secular improvement

• offers exact workout plans that will help you boost your own weekly perform

• Explains conventional yogic equipment of fasting and inner detoxing, practices to reinforce the endocrine method, equipment for complicated sexual regulate, breath regulate practices, and focus routines to enhance brain strength

Based upon historic Sanskrit works on yoga in addition to hundreds of thousands of years of oral teachings, this Hatha yoga vintage strikes past the introductory point of yoga and offers illustrated directions for lots of complex asanas and different yogic strategies to construct power, stamina, and reliable posture--a valuable prerequisite for religious improvement.

Offering distinct workout plans that can assist you strengthen your own weekly yoga perform in addition to strategies to focus on particular parts of the physique, similar to the stomach muscle mass, this booklet additionally comprises specified directions on many different types of prânâyâma (breath control), together with trade nose respiring, kapâlabhâti, and sahita, in addition to meditative equipment for constructing your powers of focus and psychological self-discipline. With directions on vitamin, fasting, inner detoxification, complicated sexual regulate, and strengthening the endocrine procedure, Sri S. S. Goswami’s vintage textual content provides the whole photo of a sophisticated Hatha yoga way of life for a robust, very important, attractive physique and a balanced, harmonious, chuffed brain

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This is done by the system of internal cleansing known in Ha˛ha Yoga as ṣaṭ karman (six purifications), which can be subdivided into two: extensive and abbreviated. The abbreviated system consists of: 1. Colonic Auto-Lavage (Jala Vasti): cleans the alimentary canal 3. Nasal Thread-Cleansing (Sūtra Neti): cleans the nasal cavities and upper section of the throat 4. Gazing (Tr›˛aka): purifies and strengthens the eyes, closely related to concentration Cleansing the Alimentary Canal In Gastric Cloth-Cleansing, a long narrow piece of fine cloth soaked in clean water is swallowed gradually, then gently withdrawn.

Of course, all objects do not contain these energies in the same proportions. This is the cause of differences in objects. In an ordinary state, it is not possible to isolate one form of energy from the rest, as they are in compound forms. In the state of vitarka samādhi the power of isolation is developed. In this state we are able to “know” one particular form of energy isolated from the rest. When a form of energy is completely isolated from the other four and is “seen,” a new form of knowledge appears, which reveals an unknown aspect of the material object: the “essential,” known as mahābhūta, which constitutes the particular form of a sense object.

Dhāraṇā (Elementary Concentration) The elimination of vṛittis is the highest state of concentration, which is attainable only through a systematized method. The characteristic of the mind is to take an image and keep it for a brief period. Then it leaves that image and takes another, and then another, and so on. Ordinarily the mind tends to take different images, one after another, without retaining any of them for a long time. The process in which the mind is educated to take a chosen image and refresh it again and again at successive intervals without taking new ones is called dhāraṇā (elementary concentration).

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