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By Tony Fitzpatrick

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Social democracy has made a political comeback lately, in particular less than the impact of the 3rd approach. in spite of the fact that, now not everybody in convinces that 3rd manner social democracy is the easiest technique of reviving the Left's undertaking. This e-book explains why and provides an alternate technique. Bringing jointly a number social and political theories this booklet engages with the most very important modern debates concerning the current course and way forward for the Left.

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E. one where productive activity is merely one of a series of badges of citizenship. The point of BI is to embody a principle of ‘more eligibility’; unlike existing benefit systems where the aim is often to lower benefits to the point where claimants are effectively coerced back into work (less eligibility), BI stresses the advantages of a range of activities and lifestyles (Offe, 1993). So my thesis is that social democracy should be taken in a postproductivist direction, a combination that I am here terming ‘ecosocial welfare’.

What they can do and what they can be, and so what we must focus upon is a person’s capability to undertake various functionings, implying not an equality of primary goods (Rawls) or of resources (Dworkin), but an equality of capabilities. So what this entails is a midpoint between primary resources on the one hand and the end-state of welfare and achievements on the other: an equal freedom to achieve. For our purposes Sen is important because he recontextualises income and wealth. He does not necessarily downgrade the importance of a primary resource such as income and wealth, but he does TZP2 4/25/2005 4:50 PM Page 43 Justice and citizenship 43 insist that ‘income inequality’ is not the same thing as ‘income inadequacy’ (Sen, 1992: 109–12) since only the latter captures the idea that different capabilities will convert a low income into differential levels of well-being.

Social relations were individualised and structured as forms of contractual exchange; social disadvantage was pathologised and treated as a source of menace and risk. Oppositional voices were defeated, silenced, harried and overworked. , 2000), as well as diversionary criticism and demoralisation. The result has been a privatisation not only of the economy, but of culture and discourse, the means of selfdescription, the inner economies of the self. It is this privatisation of legitimation, in both its economic and cultural forms, that the NSD perpetuates.

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