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By Milton McC Gatch, Carl T. Berkhout

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ISBN-13: 9780816183210

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There. , hubra dlarin mekhd, call those men there; hubra mukkarin mekha, call those women there; hubra kherguthin ondr'd, bring those fowls there. 34. Declension of the remote demonstrative pronoun. Singular. Masculine*. N. hus, that O. husgahl, of that man. hud, that man. D. hus ge, to that man. Ace. husin, that Abl. husti, husinfti Instr. hus tr\, Loc. man. by that man. tru, hus nu, in from that man. Neuter. Feminine. ^woman, thing) hudigahi, of that hudige, to that hudin, that hudtl, hudinti, hud trt.

Singular. ft. nannd, nanas, other, the O. nannar, nanndguthiar, nanndguthi, others, the others. other. nannd gahi, nannas gahi, nannargahi, nanndguthi gahi, of others. D. nanndge, nanna* ge, nannarge, nanndguthiarge, nannd guthige, to others. 4. nannarin, nannan, nannasin, nanndguthiarin, nannd guthin, others, others. A. Se T. L. nannan 9 nannas tl, nanna, nannas nu, tr&, nannarin, nanndguthiarin, guthin from, by others. ] 55. By adding the emphatic postposition*^ and the negative adverb mala we get the following indefinite pronouns not one, not even one ort ho mala, for masculine and faminine onta ho mala for neuters; ort h'> mala onto, hv maid, I have none, not bared, not even one has come ; ertg gusan : : ; even one.

Masculine. Sing, en es'dldan, I am Feminine. as es'dldas, PI. he is I breaking. nin es'didai, thou art breaking. breaking. are breaking. em es'dldam, we ndm es'dldat, we and you are ts'&ldl, am breaking. thou art breaking. es'dfi, she, it is es'al'em, es'aldat, breaking. we are breaking. we and you are breaking, breaking. nim es'dtdar, you are breaking. dr e* 'dinar, they are breaking. you are breaking. et'dlnai, they are breaking. ] NEUTER III PERSON PLURAL ibrd or abrd es'dl'l, they are breaking.

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