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Methods37:197-211 74. , Kumararatne, D. , MacLennan, I. C. , Humphrey, J. , Bazin, H. MarginalzoneB cells express CR1and CR2receptors. Eur. J. 14:47-52 75. , Fat, R. F. , VanFurth, R. Immunology 28 : 3594i8 76. Whaley,K. J. J. Exp. Med. 151: 501-16 77. , Klein, G. 1985. Capacityof B-lymphocyte lines of diverse tumor origin to produce and respond to B-cell growth factors : A progressionmodelfor B-cell lymphomagenesis, lnt. J. Cancer 35 : 251-56 78. , Kishimoto,T. 1985. Physiocochemical and functional properties of murine B cell-derived B call growth factor II (WEHI-231-BCGF-II).

Kappler, J. , Kettman, J. , Leslcy, J. , Vann, P. 1971. Is there evidence for a non-antigen specific diffusable chemical mediator from the thymus-derivedcell in the initiation of the immune response? Prog. 1 : 355-68 48. , M611er, G. 1972. Reconstitution of the antibody response in vitro of T-cell deprived spleen cells by supernatants from spleen cell cultures. J. 109:1379-85 49. Proust, J. , Buchholz, M. , Nordin, A. A. 1985. A "lymphokine-like" soluble product that induces proliferation and maturation of B cells appears in the serum-fr~ sup~rnatant of a T ~ll hybridoma as a consequence of mycoplasmal contamination.

1983. Production of human immune interferon (Hu IFN-y) studied at the single cell level. Origin, evidence for spontaneous secretion and effect of cyclosporin A. Eur. J. Immunol. 13: 221-25 Moller, G. 1985. T cell stimulating growth factors. Immunological Rev. 51 : 3w57 Prystowsky, M. , Ely, J. , Beller, D. , Vogel, S. , Fitch, F. W. 1982. Alloreactive cloned T cell lines. VI. Multiple lymphokine activities secreted by helper and cytolytic cloned T lymphocytes. J. Immunol. 129:23374 Ihle, J . , Lee, J.

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