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0 ft2 per second. 002, the aquifer could provide 3 cfs per mile of return flow during the dry season, or vice versa during floods. Over a distance of 10 miles the aquifer will have contributed 30 cfs to the base flow. This is not at all insignificant when compared to the Colorado-Nebraska compact delivery requirement value of 120 cfs on the South Platte River at the border between the two states. CONJUNCTIVE USE IN WATER RESOURCES PLANNING Legal Framework A water plan that would be in conflict with law has no chance for imple­ mentation.

As long as the basin infiltrates or the well injects or the river seeps, the aquifer will rise and its behavior will be governed by the groundwater equation. The theoretical analysis of Bianchi and Haskell [11] on their data [6] as well as more recent work [21] has shown that the linearized horizontal Boussinesq 56 OVERVIEW AND FUNDAMENTAL CONSIDERATIONS equation predicted this behavior adequately. The recharge basin acts as a source term in the Boussinesq equation. The source term is quasipunctual if the basin size is small (like a well) or rather broadly distributed if its size is large (as a river reach).

3 Comparison between observed cumulative infiltration depths with time and predictions by the Green and Ampt equation. 14 just after the passage of the wetting front. 04. 20 is more appropriate for (8 / - 8,). 2 = 2 ft. 5 ft. Under such a depth of water in the basin, infiltration takes place essentially by gravity even though the flow is much unsaturated. As a result of the large degree of unsaturation, air could escape easily vertically or laterally and no resistance due to air compression was evident, not even in the center of the basin.

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