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By B. Hoyle, N.C. Wickramasinghe

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Of the pioneers of the trendy model of panspermia - the idea that comets disperse microbial existence in the course of the cosmos - hint the advance in their principles via a series of key papers. A logical development of notion is proven to lead as much as the at the moment approved point of view that a minimum of the biochemical construction blocks of lifestyles should have derived from comets. The authors cross extra, although, to argue that not only the chemical substances of existence, yet fully-fledged microbial cells have an foundation that's exterior to the Earth. any such idea of cosmic existence, as soon as confirmed, might have profound medical in addition to sociological implications. The e-book of this ebook is the entire extra well timed now that we're on the edge of verifying lots of those principles by way of direct house exploration of planets and comets.

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AN OBJECT WITHIN A PARTICLE OF EXTRATERRESTRIAL ORIGIN COMPARED WITH AN OBJECT OF PRESUMED TERRESTRIAL ORIGIN * (Letter to the Editor) F. C. WICKRAMASINGHE Department (~f Applied Mathematics and Astronomy. University College. Cardiff, U. K. HANS D. PFLUG Geologisches lnstitut der Universitiit. Giessen. G. Abstract. Filamentary objects of submicron size isolated from an extraterrestrial particle and from the Gunflint cherts are compared and shown to have similarities of size. shape and interior structure.

The co-ordinate x is the distance from P to N. The mass of air impacting the organism per unit time is Jra 2aexp(-h/H)v. The molecules of air will be taken to acquire the velocity v in the direction P to N, following which they move away from the organism - after becoming co-moving they evaporate away, leaving the organism to continue its journey. Momentum balance then requires 4Jr 3a3s[v(x +dx) - vex)] = -Jra 2 aexp(-h/H)v 2 dt, * 1986, Earth, Moon, and Planets 35, 79-84. (1) 46 F. HOYLE ET AL.

C. WICKRAMASINGHE Department of Applied Mathematics and AstrollOm-,~ University College. Cardiff, Wales. K. Abstract. A culture of E. coli was initially subjected to brief exposures to heat for durations of 30-60 s, starting with a temperature of 270 DC. A stepwise increase of this temperature from 270 °c_ 750°C and a sequential culturing led to the emergence of a strain of this bacterium with a much higher resistance to flash heating than the original culture possessed. This behaviour would have an important relevance to the survival of micro-organisms upon entering a planetary atmosphere.

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Astronomical Origins of Life: Steps Towards Panspermia by B. Hoyle, N.C. Wickramasinghe

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