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By Carlo Mattogno

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The 1st gassing of people in Auschwitz is alleged to have happened on Sept. three, 1941. The debts reporting it are the archetypes for all later gassing money owed. This learn indicates the assets approximately this alleged occasion and analyzes them severely. It exhibits that those resources contradict one another in each crucial aspect, rendering it most unlikely to extract a constant tale. unique wartime records inflict a last blow to the story of the 1st homicidal gassing.

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The story of the extermination of 12,000 Soviet prisoners of war was a blatant lie. The witness Erwin Bartel was deported to Auschwitz on June 5, 1941, and received the ID 17044. After three months, he was assigned to the political department of the camp, where he became the subordinate of SS-Unterscharführer Hans Stark und SS-Untersturmführer Maximilian Grabner, head of the political department. More on these two persons will be said in the next section. In 1959, during the preparation of the Frankfurt Auschwitz trial in which Stark appeared as a defendant, Erwin Bartel made the following deposition:136 “I remember the first gassing of people at Auschwitz, which took place some time in September/Oktober 1941.

But why are they going to be housed with the seriously ill? They cannot be ill – they came marching into the camp. The prisoners in the nearby barracks don’t even attempt to sleep; they listen to what is going on in the next house that has been emptied so hurriedly and refilled again. 104 105 106 Natalia Zarembina, “Obóz Ğmierci. Zbiór relacji z obozu w OĞwiĊcimiu opublichowanych w kraju przez ruch mas pracujących Polski” (The camp of death. Collection of accounts published in the Country by the resistance movement of the working masses of Poland), Nakáadem “Nowej Polski” w Londynie, August 1943.

I, too, found myself among the twenty selected. The company moved out for the day; we stayed behind in the block. No one knew what all this was about. Wacek came to see us after half an hour. ‘Listen everybody! You are still in the camp and you will get ‘seconds’ at meal-time. ’ You will also be able to pocket this or that, but you will have to keep your mouths shut. ’ 132 Zenon Rozanski, Mützen ab… Eine Reportage aus der Strafkompanie des KZ Auschwitz, Verlag “Das andere Deutschland,” Hannover 1948, pp.

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