Battle of the Dum Diddys (Rotten School, No. 12) by R.L. Stine PDF

By R.L. Stine

ISBN-10: 006078833X

ISBN-13: 9780060788339

ISBN-10: 0061906565

ISBN-13: 9780061906565

Good day! the place Is every person? that is what Bernie Bridges desires to recognize while he cannot locate any of his pals. each person has disappeared! And while he ultimately does locate them, they're performing rather bizarre. for example, his shy pal Chipmunk thinks he's a fearless warrior, and soccer famous person Jennifer Ecch thinks she is a princess. what's going? quickly Bernie realizes that everybody at Rotten institution is appearing! they're all enjoying components in a tremendous conflict. A conflict among the Dum Diddys and the Knighty Knight Knights. yet it isn't a true struggle. it is a game referred to as Wungo Warriors—and every person has to pay that spoiled wealthy child Sherman Oaks to play. Bernie cannot enable Sherman escape with this. He has a plan to outsmart Sherman—by bringing the Wungo Warriors to existence! What Bernie does not recognize, even though, is real-life conflict among the Dum Diddys and the Knighty Knight Knights may perhaps close down Rotten tuition endlessly.

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Beast lowered his head and barfed up a disgusting glob of chewed-up grass. “Don’t know why I keep eating grass,” he said. ” I asked. 31 “Too busy,” he grunted. I stared at him. “Too busy? ” He didn’t answer. He dropped back onto all fours and loped away. I turned in a circle, gazing at the empty campus. What’s going on here? I wondered. Where is everyone? 32 Chapter 7 Tinkle? The next afternoon, I was walking across the Great Lawn, muttering to myself. “This school will be closed in four days. ” someone asked.

I had more important things to think about. I hurried to see my buddies, Feenman and Crench. The clock was ticking. I needed their help. 38 Chapter 8 Good Memories I ran up the two flights of stairs to my room. Their room is across the hall from mine. I could hear loud shouts and screams coming from inside. Probably doing their Three Stooges act, I decided. Feenman and Crench love to kick and slap and head-butt each other and poke each other’s eyes out. It’s a total riot—especially if you like pain.

I tripped over the big trunk on the floor—and fell on my face. I forgot about the trunk. The pageant costumes from Mrs. Twinkler were inside. With a groan, I pulled myself to my feet. I had to find some dudes who wanted to lose money to Bernie B. I stuffed a deck of cards into my back pocket and hurried downstairs to search the dorm. “Don’t give up, Bernie,” I told myself. “You’re the great Bernie B. ” You know the Bernie Bridges motto: A quitter never wins, and a winner never gives back the bubus he’s won.

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