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By O'Toole C., Raw A.

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This was a trained pharmacist; a chap with a brain. I suggested that he could repay the other till later – and it was as though I had explained the theory of relativity. He was actually excited by such a clever solution, which would never have occurred to him. Lateral thinking on behalf of the customer’s convenience simply wasn’t part of his job. 3 My Bubble, My Rules This is the issue of “personal space”, about which we are growing increasingly touchy. One of the • 26 • When Push Comes to Shove great principles of manners, especially in Britain, is respecting someone else’s right to be left alone, unmolested, undisturbed.

1 In place of feeling relieved, you are exasperated – but, crucially, not surprised. Oh no, you are definitely not surprised. ” you say. ” is one of our default modes, along with making jokes instead of complaining, claiming to prefer everything in • 52 • Was That So Hard to Say? moderation, and prizing modesty above all other social gifts. ” response is actually quite self-flattering, of course. It suggests that fate can never wrong-foot us because we are always prepared for the worst or most unlikely event.

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