Biotechnology of Amylodextrin Oligosaccharides - download pdf or read online

By Robert B. Friedman

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ISBN-10: 0841219931

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content material: Helical and cyclic buildings in starch chemistry / J. Szejtli --
In vitro gene manipulation : an creation / Michael Bagdasarian --
Structure-function relationships in amylases / B. Svensson, M.R. Sierks, H. Jespersen, and M. Søgaard --
Substrate-based investigations of the energetic web site of CGTase : enzymatic syntheses of regioselectively converted cyclodextrins / Sylvain Cottaz and Hugues Driguez --
Enzymatic synthesis and use of cyclic dextrins and linear oligosaccharides of the amylodextrin kind / John H. Pazur --
Starch-hydrolyzing enzymes with novel homes / Fergus G. Priest and J. Roger Stark --
Novel thermostable saccharidases from thermoanaerobes / Badal C. Saha, Saroj P. Mathupala, and J. Gregory Zeikus --
recommendations for the explicit labeling of amylodextrins / John F. Robyt --
Maltohexaose-producing amylase of Bacillus circulans F-2 / Hajime Taniguchi --
houses of CGTases from 3 kinds of bacillus and construction of cyclodextrins via the enzymes / Michikatsu Sato and Yoshiaki Yagi --
research of amylodextrins / V.M.B. Cabalda, J.F. Kennedy, and okay. Jumel --
Use of multidetection for chromatographic characterization of dextrins and starch / A. Heyraud and M. Rinaudo --
Phosphorolytic synthesis of low-molecular-weight amyloses with transformed terminal teams : comparability of potato phosphorylase and muscle phosphorylase B / C. Niemann, W. Saenger, B. Pfannemüller, W.D. Eigner, and A. Huber --
Maize starch pattern instruction for aqueous measurement exclusion chromatography utilizing microwave strength / Gregory A. Delgado, David J. Gottneid, and Robert N. Ammeraal --
Distribution of the binding of A chains to a B chain in amylopectins / Susumu Hizukuri and Yuji Maehara --
Polymer physicochemical characterization of oligosaccharides / Harry Levine and Louise Slade --
resolution houses and composition of dextrins / Gordon G. Birch, M. Nasir Azudin, and John M. Grigor --
Linear dextrins : stable types and aqueous resolution habit / S.G. Ring and M.A. Whittam --
Molecular specificity of cyclodextrin complexation / Ching-jer Chang, Hee-Sook Choi, Yu-Chien Wei, Vivien Mak, Adelbert M. Knevel, Kathryn M. Madden, Gary P. Carlson, David M. provide, Luis Diaz, and Frederick G. Morin --
education and characterization of cyclodextrin complexes of chosen herbicides / Oliver D. Dailey, Jr.

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The variation in loop structure is assumed to account for substrate specificities such as strict bond-type specificity (α-amylases and the debranching enzymes), dual bond-type specificities (thermophilic a-amylase/pullulanase (44,45)), product pattern differences (cereal (46) versus mammalian α-amylases (47)) and the substrate fine structure preferences that distinguish pullulanase and isoamylase (48). A superficial pattern emerges from comparison of α/β -barrel loop lengths (Table V) as deduced from the results of the secondary structure predictions.

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