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Chicano English can rightly be acknowledged to be, in its varied types, the main frequent ethnic dialect of U.S. English, spoken by means of huge sections of the inhabitants within the American Southwest. It represents one of those speech talked about via E. Haugen as a ‘bilingual’ dialect, having constructed out of a strong Spanish-English environment. of their ebook, the authors supply a accomplished exam of Chicano English, devoting specific emphasis to the social elements choosing its attribute gains and makes use of. distinctive awareness is given to the query of homogeneity as opposed to ordered edition inside Chicano English, to positive aspects of pronunciation and grammar, to its communicative services, to the evaluative attitudes of its audio system and others and, eventually, to its makes use of in literature and the media. even with its significance, Chicano English has been insufficiently documented; this monograph is meant to give a contribution in the direction of redressing the stability.

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StE, ChE, LOS CHICANOS 27 St Sp, and SW Sp. Ornstein et al. (1976) have suggested that upward mobility in this instance promotes diglossia without tending towards assimilation. Commonly children of middle-class Chicano families may be spoken to in SW Sp by their parents, regional varieties of non­ standard Spanish by their grand-parents, St Sp by their bilingual teachers, ChE by their Hispanic peers, and StE by their English speak­ ing teachers and some Anglo peers. In addition, they are often exposed to other non-standard varieties of Spanish through visits with rela­ tives in Mexico and other individuals in Mexico through trade.

The problem is that whereas Spanish interference might explain why bilingual s say cAüOJó for 'shoes' or chәtәp for 'shut up', it cannot explain why these same speak­ ers in turn commonly say shεk for 'check' or priysh for 'preach'. Since 40 CHICANO ENGLISH: AN ETHNIC CONTACT DIALECT St Sp and most non-standard varieties of Mexican Spanish do not have sh, an interference explanation is not helpful. It is interesting to note, however, that while the alternation between eA and sh may be problematic to explain, such alternation of two distinct phonemes is not rare in language contact situations around the world.

Meyzhәr for 'measure' to approach the same tensing in meyjәr for 'major'. S. g. eyg for 'egg' or leyg for 'leg'. e. the pronunciation used in some Anglo dialects and the t pronunciation which reflects the neutralization of the £ vs. I distinction before nasals. The product of the two combined would be: ateynshәn. In summary, a variety of different explanations are possible to explain the tensing of £ to ey in ChE. Although this tensing has been described in pre-nasal linguistic environments in the ChE of California, other linguistic environments do not seem to display a tensing but rather a laxing of the tense vowel counterparts from StE.

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