China Modernizes: Threat to the West or Model for the Rest? - download pdf or read online

By Randall Peerenboom

ISBN-10: 0199208344

ISBN-13: 9780199208340

Sharply contrasting perspectives of China exist at the present time; certainly one of a emerging superpower, and the opposite of an anachronistic, authoritarian regime. So that is the true China? Randall Peerenboom bargains a debatable, first-hand account of contemporary China targeting its fiscal, political and criminal attributes in the context of the constructing global.

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Goals are set, reset, and recalibrated yet again so that all the rich world ends up doing is mitigating the extent to which it has failed. The gap between promises and reality never closes. Today the world community has before it another great pledge . . Against the backdrop of global demonstrations to Make Poverty History, G8 leaders promised once again in the summer of 2005 to increase aid and to do more to reduce poverty. 44 There are of course many reasons why countries have failed to develop.

38 The cost of all these discriminatory anti-free-trade policies is high. 39 The wide gap in wealth between—and within—countries has devastating consequences for the rights and well-being of billions of people in poor countries. 40 In some countries, one-third of the children will not live to the age of 5. Human development levels decreased between 1990 and 2000 in twenty-one countries, while life expectancy declined in thirty-four, and primary school enrollment dropped in twelve. 41 Developed countries are beginning to take poverty more seriously, although perhaps not seriously enough.

In general, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan imposed numerous limits on foreign direct investment and imports, whereas Singapore and Hong Kong, and now China, have been more open. Williamson points out however that he did not take a position on how fast countries should reduce protective measures, and he now allows that there may be occasions when protection of infant industries makes sense. He also acknowledges that the results of privatization have been mixed, and that privatization has had no consistent effect on wages, prices, output quality, or employment.

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China Modernizes: Threat to the West or Model for the Rest? by Randall Peerenboom

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