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By J. D. Wiker, Christopher West

ISBN-10: 1932442405

ISBN-13: 9781932442403

The second one booklet within the urban region sequence from the sport Mechanics (Modern Player's significant other, Artifacts of the Ages), info the folks, areas, and plots of the fable urban of Liberty, first obvious within the ENnie-nominated Thieves' area sourcebook. Temple area offers a number of new religions, their temples, their clergymen and priestesses, and their ceremonies and rituals - in addition to their extra secular goals... and their political intrigues. Modular in layout, Temple region should be tailored wholesale to any urban in any myth crusade, or Gamemasters can cherry-pick no matter what they wish, each time they want it. With lushly illustrated maps through Christopher West, dozens of absolutely built NPCs, and huge stumble upon tables loaded with event hooks, Temple zone is a ready-made mini-setting designed to be dropped into approximately any d20 delusion crusade at a moment's become aware of. destiny urban Quarters volumes will comprise Arcane sector, Noble District, Mercenaries' region, Palace District, and the Outlands.

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If the answer to all three questions is not “Yes,” then the effect fails. These three questions are: • Do you swear to safeguard the city of Liberty, though it cost you your life once again? • Do you swear to safeguard the Hall of Heroes, though it cost you your life once again? • Do you swear to surrender yourself to the Hall of Heroes in a year and a day, lest your flesh betray you and your spirit wither? If the target accepts these conditions, he is brought back to life, as though by a resurrection spell.

Notable Features of the Temple of Sem The temple of the god of strength is a solid edifice built with granite and stout oaken timbers, the joints of which are shod in iron. The acoustics are terrible, but Olmar Oakenfist and his clergy make up for it by shouting their prayers and invocations. As a result, there is a fair amount of jostling and shoving during services. Chapel The chapel of Sem’s temple is huge, but feels small because of the sheer massiveness of the construction—like a forest of wide-bole trees.

Only one cleric is required to perform the rite for up to 100 participants with this ceremony. Additional participants require secondary casters (see below). Secondary Casters: 1 required for every additional 100 participants. Material Components: Performing the Rite of Might requires the sacrifice of one bull for every 500 participants, at a cost of 50 gp. Substitute Components: The Rite of Might may be performed using an ox instead, at a cost of 35 gp. Ritual: The Feast of the Bull Wisdom Check: DC 11; Components: V, S, M; Duration: 1 hour.

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