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For fishers like Dockery, Darda, and thousands of others, commercial fishing isn’t a career. It’s a way of life. Well-knoWn fishers anD fishing organizaTions Phil Harris (1956–2010) was a commercial fishing captain who was best known as the subject of the TV show Deadliest Catch. He worked in the fishing industry for more than 30 years. He spent 18 of those years as captain and co-owner of the Cornelia Marie, a successful crabbing vessel. Commercial Fishermen of America is an organization that promotes the commercial fishing industry.

In a dead zone, there is not enough oxygen in the water to support life. Fish move out of dead zones quickly. Clams, lobsters, and oysters move more slowly. Many of them die. Fishing is not allowed in dead zones. There are well-known dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico and the Chesapeake Bay. Increased costs and decreased amounts of fish make it harder for commercial fishers to profit. New rules, conservation issues, and higher fuel prices can also make things difficult. However, the worldwide demand for seafood continues to rise.

United Fishermen of Alaska is made up of 37 fishing organizations that work together to promote the commercial fishing industry in Alaska. They work to make sure laws are fair to fishers. They also educate people about environmental and safety issues. 21St Century SKillS liBrary Cool CareerS commercial fisher glossary buoy (BOO-ee) floating marker bycatch (BYE-kach) unwanted animals that are trapped when fishing catch (KACH) the total number of fish caught on a fishing trip commercial (kuh-MUR-shuhl) having to do with business deckhands (DEK-handz) sailors who perform work that requires strength and a lot of energy first mates (FURST MAYTS) officers just below the rank of captain on commercial ships galley (GA-lee) a kitchen on a ship, plane, or camper longlines (LONG-lynz) long fishing lines with many baited hooks attached navigation (na-vuh-GAY-shuhn) plotting the route of a ship or aircraft networking (NET-wurk-ing) meeting new people who can help you get jobs schooling (SKOO-ling) traveling together in groups called schools seine (SAYN) a type of fishing net that closes up like a pouch sonar (SOH-nahr) a method for detecting objects in water using sound waves trawling (TRAW-ling) fishing with a net along the seafloor winches (WIN-chez) tools used for hauling or pulling for more informaTion BOOKS Beech, Linda.

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