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" very good blend of classical and glossy morphological ideas and notable, specified illustrations...Dr. Starck is to be congratulated for his very good work." IBIS

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2 s and is uttered at regular intervals. Booming occurs in social and aggression-free situations and continues for several minutes. The other note is a high-pitched, noisy call that can be heard at some distance (lOO-200m), even within buildings. These calls might be of some importance in courtship behavior. For comparison, Skutch (1983) and Wetmore (1981) described the calls of the great tinamou (Tinamous major) and the little tinamou (Crypturellus soui). In contrast to the crested tinamou, both of these species inhabit the humid tropical South American lowland forest up to 1500 m and 1700 m.

Histology of the tympanic membrane of domestic fowl. A Low magnification shows the three layers: epidermis, connective tissue layer, and internal epithelium; scale bar = l,um. B The connective tissue layer reveals a thick, amorphous extracellular matrix and microfibrillar components; scale bar = l,um to the tympanic membrane differs in many aspects. The distal part of the infracolumellar process is embedded in dense connective tissue of the ventral wall of the tympanic cavity. 10). Histology. The histology of the tympanic membrane is identical in all species studied.

No other vocalizations are known. 25 Summarizing this section, the acoustic communications of paleognathous birds and of Turnix can be described as relatively simple, low-frequency calls. Complex calls and duet songs have been reported only in the tinamou. Unfortunately, the hearing range is not known for any of these species. 2 External Ear Opening: Position, Ear Covers, Form, and Width of Opening American Rhea. In the American rhea, the opening of the external auditory meatus faces the lateral side of the head, just behind the corner of the mouth.

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