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By H. Van den Bossche

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Considerably more is k n o w n a b o u t CO2 i n c o r p o r a t i o n in intestinal helminths than in other organisms. Thus, it is n o w generally accepted 49 C. , 1968 a, 1969; Davey and Bryant, 1969; Horvath and Fisher, 1971). In a d d i t i o n , Scheibel and Saz (1966) have shown that there is probably a stoichiometrical relationship, in Hymenolepsis diminuta at least, between C 0 2 incorporated and succinate produced. Moniezia expansa is a large cestode inhabiting the small intestine of the sheep.

If then Litomosoides carinii is a model of other aerobic helminths, the physiological significance of a t r i c a r b o x y l i c acid cycle mechanism f o r terminal respiration should be reevaluated in all o f the aerobic f o r m s . The T C A cycle may n o t serve the same f u n c t i o n as in mammalian tissues. Merely demonstrating the presence of some of the e n z y m a t i c reactions associated w i t h this pathway is insufficient. It must be remembered t h a t reactions of the T C A cycle also serve as synthetic pathways f o r a m i n o acids in all cells.

O p t i m u m a c t i v i t y was observed in the presence of PEP, manganous ions and GDP. GDP and IDP could be interchanged w i t h o u t a significant loss of a c t i v i t y , but although magnesium ions caused a slight increase in a c t i v i t y compared w i t h systems in w h i c h there were no divalent metal ions, their effect was much less than that of simlar concentrations of manganese. Table 2 shows the o p t i m u m requirements for " m a l i c e n z y m e " activity in homogenates f r o m M.

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