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By Sven O. E. Ebbesson (auth.), Sven O. E. Ebbesson (eds.)

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When a tender graduate pupil sat sooner than Percival Bailey in 1960 and noted his longstanding curiosity in zoology and his fresh curiosity within the fearful approach, he requested the then Director of the Illinois Neuropsychiatric Institute if there has been aid within the medical institution for study in evolutionary comparative neurology. Bailey patted his stomach with either arms and notion for a second. ultimately he acknowledged: "Young guy, there's no position for individuals like you." The graduate pupil was once crestfallen. To a wide volume what Bailey stated remains to be actual. The better a part of learn in neurobiology is directed towards answering a unmarried large query. How do brains regularly, and the human mind particularly, paintings? this can be a valid and critical query. it isn't, in spite of the fact that, the one query worthy answering. This overweening emphasis on functionality, particularly in regard to the human frightened is end result of the the origins of neurology within the sanatorium. the pro institution, approach, web site of such a lot such examine, has been remarkably well-insulated from some of the significant matters of biology.

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Graeber, R. , 1972b, Visual discrimination learning in normal and tectalablated nurse sharks (Ginglymostoma cirratum), Compo Biochem. Physiol. 42A:131. , 1898, Vom Bau des Wirbelthiergehirns. 1. Salmo und ScyUium, Morphol. Jb. 26:345. , 1922, Points of view concerning forebrain morphology in lower vertebrates, J. Compo Neurol. 34:391. Houser, G. , 1901, The neurones and supporting elements of the brain of a selachian, J. Compo Neurol. 11:65. , 1955, Studien iiber die Entwicklung der longitudinalen Zellsiiulen und der Anlagen der Gehirnnervenkerne in der Medulla oblongata bei verschiedenen Vertebrate, Z.

He confirmed the general finding of no visual or motor deficits and demonstrated that telencephalic removal did not disturb the shark's ability to immediately right itself when placed on its back at the water's surface. Its posture remained upright both while swimming and while resting on the bottom. Although these behavioral findings were based solely· on nonsystematic descriptive observations, there is no reason to question their validity. In fact, some modern functional studies performed by Russian neuroscientists support the widespread belief that the elasmobranch telencephalon is not involved in vision.

Telencephalic Function in Elasmobranchs A Behavioral Perspective RAYMOND CURTIS GRAEBER I. Use of Sharks in Comparative Neuropsychology A. Phylogenetic Advantages Both comparative neurologists and psychologists have often been intrigued with the possibility of inferring past evolutionary trends in the relationship between the vertebrate brain and behavior. In general, two investigative approaches have been taken toward realizing this goal. Some workers have attempted to correlate the behavior patterns of different existing animal species with known structural differences in their central nervous systems.

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