Edmund J King's Comparative Studies and Educational Decision PDF

By Edmund J King

ISBN-10: 0415668344

ISBN-13: 9780415668347

This quantity bargains a conceptual justification and method for comparative experiences of schooling matching advancements within the social sciences and different comparative disciplines. It additionally relates comparative stories of schooling to the sensible enterprise of coverage formula in any respect degrees. hence it bridges the widening hole among the only educational global and the area of determination for improvement. the writer attracts illustrations from academic reforms, yet is going additional in suggesting compatible approaches or associations which would in attaining soundly dependent guidelines and safe their implementation. he is taking account of the making plans innovations and achievements of UNESCO, OECD and different foreign corporations, and examines the actions and goals of nationwide making plans for schooling in a much wider point of view of global re-orientation. [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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39 methods as specific, apart from a few quite simple general principles. It does no harm to characterise much of the present regard for "science" and "method" as to some extent allegorical. That is to say, it is a quasi-mythical representation of something quite simple: that we must be careful in our methods of observation, that we must try to produce verifiable results, and that our endeavours should be productive. 3 In any case, each of the three aspects of "science" ("pure", applied, and social) introduces new concerns which are tantamount to new problems, as we see on page 46.

Then there are all the methods of "regression analysis", whereby the constituent factors in any problem have been pushed further and further back into the social field where they are isolated temporarily for quantitative measurement. Much of this work has already been done for us, or can now be done better by others. There is no point in keeping our comparative studies at the stage of backyard industry, where we do everything ourselves. The advancing technology or methodology of our comparative interest must increasingly rely on support from the social sciences—from technicians and techniques no less than from top experts and major principles.

A major problem in many latter-day concepts of ideology is that they are so all-pervasive, reflecting their presumption in words like "determined" or "determinants". Their presumption is not only in this quarter, illustrating what Whitehead calls the "Dogmatic Fallacy" of believing that some massive Theory can explain everything definitively; it very often also magnifies Method of a particular kind into a universal panacea. All this reflects the kind of intellectual infantilism which wants to get everything settled and secure—either with no change, or with no loose, inexplicable bits.

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