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By Frederic F. Clairmont

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He flung open his lie machine to the military coup plotters advocating sedition and open rebellion against the administration. It was a union of common class interests. He also propagated the big lie, this time using, amongst others, the Catholic bishops as his peddlers, that Chavez had resigned. It would have been like squeezing blood out of a stone to have asked RCTV and its felonious masterminds to acknowledge that the moral and political consciousness of the proletarian barrios had soared to new heights The Nemeses of Imperialism 59 in this life-and-death struggle for the survival of democracy.

Murdoch, Granier also has an American passport. The likes of RCTV, Globovision and Venevision plunge their tentacles into a range of major sectors of the national economy beyond the media, from plantations to financial services. Granier is the most vicious and hate-filled adversary of every form of democratic practice. Of course, saying that is not to pay homage to the other television and radio networks that were involved in the April 2002 coup. Granier and his criminal cronies were totally blind to the repercussions of their actions as the most blatant of propagandists clamouring for the government’s overthrow.

That division is not the work of Chavez but a creation of imperialism. As writer Gregory Wilpert has pointed out, Chavez is immensely popular throughout the Third World, not to speak of his elevated status within the Latin American region itself. If one were to add up the populations of the countries supporting Venezuela, such as Russia, China, India and most of the larger countries of Latin America, it is obvious that Venezuela enjoys the backing of the representatives of over two-thirds of the world’s population.

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