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She didn’t say. She looked a little tired when she got in ... said she was going to go read or something. Tom, is that plug really supposed to go in there? ” “They always do. See, this little bit inside the casing is all that actually goes in. ” Carl, standing beside Nita, reached around the back of the Apple and hit the reset button. The A> prompt that had been there vanished: the Apple logo came up again. It had no bite out of it. Nita stared. “Uh huh,” Carl said, and hit the CONTROL key and the letter C to boot up the system.

Bird-“ “I’m going,” said Picchu, achieving Carl’s shoulder with a look of calm satisfaction, and staring Carl right in the eye. ” Carl shrugged. It was difficult and time-consuming to start fights with a creature who could rip your ear off faster than you could remove her. ” Picchu, preening a wing feather back into place, declined to answer. “Then let’s motor,” Tom said. They headed for the garage. “Lord,” Tom said, “who writes these manuals, anyway? This is better than most, but it still might as well be in Sanskrit.

She paused a moment, halfway, as well she might have done with all those eyes and all those expressions trained on her ... her father’s bewildered annoyance, her mother’s indignant surprise, Tom’s and Carl’s cool assessment, and Nita’s and Kit’s expectant looks. Dairine hesitantly walked the rest of the way down. “I came back,” she said abruptly. Nita waited for more. Dairine said nothing. Nita’s parents exchanged glances, evidently having the same thought: that a Dairine who said so little wasn’t normal.

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