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By Edmond Rostand

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This variation is written in English. in spite of the fact that, there's a operating Chinese-Traditional word list on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are various variants of Cyrano de Bergerac. This variation will be use

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Turn: 转动, 转弯. word: 字, 词, 单词, 誓言. % CYRANO [writing]: . 'Thine eyes'. . THIRD POET: d'Orfevres! And they were picking up hats all the way to the Quai FIRST POET: Sapristi! but he must have been a ferocious. . CYRANO [same play]: . 'Thy lips'. . FIRST POET: exploits! 'Twas a parlous fearsome giant that was the author of such CYRANO [same play]: . ' SECOND POET [filching a cake]: What hast rhymed of late, Ragueneau? CYRANO [same play]: . 'Who worships thee'. . [He stops, just as he is about to sign, and gets up, slipping the letter into his doublet]: No need I sign, since I give it her myself.

CYRANO: Oh! it disgusts you! THE BORE: Sir! Chinese Simplified air: 空气, 样子, 晾. beak: 鸟嘴, 喙. careful: 小心, 仔细, 不苟, 慎重, 周密, 小心的, 精细, 细心, 细致. disgusts: 憎恶. fly: 蝇, 飞翔, 苍蝇, 飘扬, 飞, 飞行, 飞跑. nose: 鼻子. please: 请, 使高兴. soft: 柔软, 柔和, 柔软的. stare: 凝视. straight: 直, 海峡, 迳直, 直接, 笔直, 一直. strange: 奇怪, 奇特, 陌生, 奇异的, 生疏. takes: 拿, 取走. tip: 小费, 尖端, 尾端. wart: 疣, 赘疣. Edmond Rostand 29 CYRANO: Its hue Unwholesome seems to you? THE BORE: Sir! CYRANO: Or its shape? THE BORE: No, on the contrary!. --perchance you think it large?

Ragueneau goes after his friends. Cyrano follows him with his eyes, then, rather sharply]: Ho there! Lise! [Lise, who is talking tenderly to the musketeer, starts, and comes down toward Cyrano]: So this fine captain is laying siege to you? % CYRANO: Pooh! Conquering eyes, methinks, are oft conquered eyes. LISE [choking with anger]: But-CYRANO [incisively]: I like Ragueneau well, and so--mark me, Dame Lise--I permit not that he be rendered a laughing-stock by any. . LISE: But. . CYRANO [who has raised his voice so as to be heard by the gallant]: A word to the wise.

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