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He'd spent his childhood on a dozen different planets, as his father darted around the Empire pursuing his endless intrigues. But Virimonde had been his and his alone, his haven from a Family and a warrior's destiny he'd never wanted. The only place he'd ever thought of as home. "Come on, stud, let's get this show on the road. " And then there was Hazel, large as life and twice as dangerous, carrying enough guns to start her own war. Owen had to smile. " she said suspiciously. "Oh, nothing. " "You always were too nostalgic for your own good, Deathstalker.

It always comes back to you, doesn't it, Deathstalker? Typical aristo, seeing everything in terms of himself. Virimonde isn't the only world to get trashed by the Empress's whims. That's the kind of thing we fought the rebellion over. " Owen tried to smile for her. "I know. I'm just feeling sorry for myself. I don't really have the right, I suppose. My people lost everything. But I can at least avenge them. Valentine will pay for what he did here. " Hazel clapped him hard on the shoulder. "That's more like it.

And Valentine did so like to see the Deathstalker's precious things being violated, as he would someday destroy the man himself. Valentine Wolfe sat in a chair far too large for him, one long leg slung over an arm of the chair, his other foot up on the table. Dressed as always all in black, his pale white face surrounded by long dark ringlets of oiled and scented hair, his mouth a scarlet slash, and his eyes heavy with mascara, he looked the very picture of the utter villain he strove to be. And the drugs, the glorious drugs, ran riot in his system as they always had.

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