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By Meyer Rosen

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  • This is without doubt one of the so much bold tasks within the publishing area...warmly recommended.... - Stig E. Friberg, Editor, magazine of Dispersion technological know-how and Technology

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Series Editor's Preface

, Pages LIII-LIV, Meyer R. Rosen

, Pages LV-LX, Meyer R. Rosen

, Pages LXI-LXII, Meyer R. Rosen
1 - The supply procedure Movement

, Pages 3-10, Meyer R. Rosen
2 - government precis: Book-at-a-Glance

, Pages 11-73, Meyer R. Rosen
3 - epidermis: body structure and Penetration Pathways

, Pages 77-100, Bozena B. Michniak-Kohn, Philip W. Wertz, Mohammad Al-Khalili, Victor M. Meidan
4 - supply process layout in Topically utilized Formulations: An Overview

, Pages 101-118, Nava Dayan
5 - From historical Potions to trendy creams: A know-how assessment and advent to Topical supply Systems

, Pages 119-134, Elishalom Yechiel, Rosemarie L. Coste
6 - Crossing the Lipid Barrier with the Echo-Derm™ supply procedure: (A Skin-Mimicking, Lamellar Matrix System)

, Pages 137-156, David Pollock
7 - Tetrahydropiperine: A traditional Topical Permeation Enhancer

, Pages 157-178, Muhammed Majeed, Lakshmi Prakash
8 - Microencapsulation: an outline of the expertise Landscape

, Pages 181-190, Zev Lidert
9 - Microcapsules as a supply System

, Pages 191-213, Scott Hawkins, Mike Wolf, Geraldine Guyard, Stephen Greenberg, Nava Dayan
10 - Tagravit™ Microcapsules as managed Drug supply units and Their Formulations

, Pages 215-258, Emma Kvitnitsky, Natalia Lerner, Yury E. Shapiro
11 - Phase-Change fabrics: a singular Microencapsulation strategy for private Care

, Pages 259-272, Todd Elder, Andrew Bell
12 - Topical supply platforms in accordance with Polysaccharide Microspheres

, Pages 273-282, Maurizio V. Cattaneo
13 - Liposomes in own Care Products

, Pages 285-302, Vitthal S. Kulkarni
14 - Interactive autos in Synergistic Cosmeceuticals: Advances in Nanoencapsulation, Transportation, move, and Targeting

, Pages 303-319, Elishalom Yechiel
15 - Porous Entrapment Spheres as supply Vehicles

, Pages 323-332, Anthony Ansaldi
16 - Polymeric Porous supply structures: Polytrap® and Microsponge®

, Pages 333-351, Subhash Saxena, Sergio Nacht
17 - Chronospheres®: managed Topical Actives unlock Technology

, Pages 353-364, James V. Gruber, Louis Punto, Peter Dow
18 - Nanotopes™: a singular Ultra-Small Unilamellar service approach for beauty Actives

, Pages 365-393, Werner Baschong, Bernd Herzog, Carl W. Artmann, Christine Mendrok, Sébastien Mongiat, Joseph A. Lupia
19 - useful software of Fractal Geometry for Ultra-High floor quarter own Care supply Systems

, Pages 395-405, Michel S. Lefebvre
20 - Optimizing dermis supply of lively components From Emulsions: From concept To Practice

, Pages 409-436, Johann W. Wiechers
21 - The supply structures' supply System

, Pages 437-472, James M. Wilmott, Duncan Aust, Barbara E. Brockway, Vitthal Kulkarni
22 - guidance of sturdy a number of Emulsions as supply automobiles for client Care items: learn of the standards Affecting the steadiness of the approach (w1/o/w2)

, Pages 473-497, Mouhcine Kanouni, Henri L. Rosano
23 - Coacervate Foam supply Systems

, Pages 501-511, Manuel Gamez-Garcia
24 - tender mobilephone method of own Care: Hydrophilic Active-Filled Polyurethane supply Systems

, Pages 513-532, James A. Smith, Betty Jagoda Murphy
25 - Sugar dependent Surfactant platforms (S4™)

, Pages 535-546, Raeda M. Smadi, John Hawkins
26 - Shear-Thinning Lamellar Gel community Emulsions as supply Systems

, Pages 547-568, Irma Ryklin, Blaine Byers
27 - ProLipid® Skin-Mimetic Lamellar gel service and supply Systems

, Pages 569-586, Mark E. Rerek
28 - clever Polymers and Self Organizing Liposome Gel supply Systems

, Pages 587-602, Wolfgang Meier, Jörg Schreiber
29 - Cubosomes® and Self-Assembled Bicontinuous Cubic Liquid Crystalline Phases

, Pages 603-620, Patrick Spicer, Matthew Lynch, Steven Hoath, Marty Visscher
30 - Nonaqueous supply structures with managed Rheological Behavior

, Pages 621-631, Lin Lu Healy
31 - Cationic Silicone Complexes as supply Systems

, Pages 635-666, Anthony J. O'Lenick Jr., Charles W. Buffa
32 - “Pro-fragrant” Silicone supply Polymers

, Pages 667-682, Robert J. Perry
33 - Silicone expertise as supply structures for private Care Ingredients

, Pages 683-714, Stephanie Postiaux, Catherine Stoller, Anne-Marie Vincent, Joanna Newton
34 - Linear Silicone Fluids for managed Volatility supply Systems

, Pages 715-738, Arndt Schlosser, Julie Boucher, Hubert Yeboah, Claudius Schwarzwaelder
35 - Starch-Based supply Systems

, Pages 741-760, Susan O. Freers
36 - Thixogel™: Novel Topical supply structures for Hydrophobic Plant Actives

, Pages 761-794, John J. Wille
37 - clever Vectorization: Enzymatically Activated Encapsulation Technologies

, Pages 797-816, Eric Perrier, Janice Hart
38 - considering outdoor the Jars and Bottles: supply structures for Unit-Dose Topical supply of Complimentary and/or Incompatible Actives

, Pages 817-830, James A. Smith, Betty Jagoda Murphy
39 - Water-Soluble Adhesive Patch supply structures for private Care Actives

, Pages 833-848, Steve Kantner
40 - Dry & Deliver!: Substrate-Based, Water-Activated, Anhydrous supply Systems

, Pages 849-858, James A. Smith, Betty Jagoda Murphy
41 - RetiSTAR™ for beauty Formulations: Stabilized Retinol

, Pages 861-871, Axel Jentzsch, Patricia Aikens
42 - managed supply and Enhancement of Topical job of Salicylic Acid

, Pages 873-879, Paul Thau
43 - managed supply of Hydroxyacids

, Pages 881-908, Barbara eco-friendly, David Milora
44 - New and rising checking out know-how for Efficacy and defense review of non-public Care supply Systems

, Pages 911-929, David Tonucci
45 - GraphiSenses: a brand new technique for determining own Care Opportunities

, Pages 933-956, Myriam Delvaux

, Pages 957-972

, Pages 973-981

, Pages 983-986

, Pages 987-1033

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Inc. From Ancient Potions to Modern Lotions: A Technology Overview and Introduction to Topical Delivery Systems Delivery System Design in Topically Applied Formulations: An Overview Chapter 4 Dayan Lipo Chemicals, Inc. 17 Overall structure Molecular weight Lipophilicity Effect on permeation Vehicle effects Active molecules DELIVERY SYSTEM FACTORS Chalone Sphingosine Stem cells Cell replication SKIN BIOLOGY Processes Differentiation Isopeptide linkages Transglutaminase 1 Acylglucosylceramide Cornified envelopes Desquamation Fundamentals Physiology Kerotinocytes Desmosomes Granules Bulk stratum corneum Appendages & breaches Liposomes Alcohols & glycols Accelerants Amines & amides Chemical Fatty acids & their esters Terpenes Metabolic or biochemical Microneedles Sonophoresis Supersaturation Iontophoresis Electroporation FITC Dextrans Chapter 3 SKIN: PHYSIOLOGY & PENETRATION PATHWAYS Michniak-Kohn, et al.

Having made that journey, I would like to share some of it with you just. This is my way of letting you in, so to speak, on the behind-the-scenes evolution of what many of us would like others to know that once, we too, passed this way and made a difference. The process continued with identifying and contacting senior management in the Personal Care and Pharmaceutical industries, as well as in academia, and asking them what they thought of my idea. I spoke to about 150 companies in the almost three years of acquiring chapters and inviting many people to participate and share the value I saw for them and my vision of making a difference in the industry.

Moment...................................................................... 5 The Birth of Ideas ............................................................................. 6 What is a Delivery System? 1 Factors Affecting the Efficacy of a Delivery System ............. 2 For What Application Areas are Delivery Systems Useful? 8 The Philosophy Behind This Book .................................................... 1 What You Should LOOK FOR As You Read ........................ 9 Using the “Maps” ............................................................................

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