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She closed her eyes and willed herself to vanish under the quilt. “And she remembers all of it,” Baen said. The bed sank beneath Gower’s weight as he brushed her hair back off her face. His fingers were cool on her skin. ” She glared up at him. ” Enos’ laughter-rich voice announced him as he came to stand at the foot of the bed. ” In her head images flashed of her body rolling around under the men. She supposed that was the perfect way to end a sexual drought, getting naked with three men at once.

I tried to warn you away but you couldn’t see me. ” Absinthe nodded. “It was silly, I know, but I hoped you would either figure out I was trying to tell you something, or get scared enough to make the brothers move everything out of here. ” “I think I heard you. Something was sure scurrying around when I came here. You tried, Aunt, that’s what counts. ” Sin glanced toward the ceiling. ” “I don’t know, to be honest. I never went through all of those crates of my father’s. ” “We’ll be careful, I promise.

Enos snarled. “You try feasting on a demon. ” Gower felt for her pulse before tucking her arm under the quilt. ” Watching her still form, Baen ran a hand through his hair. He needed a shower. He needed to eat. He needed Sin to waken. ” Enos glared. ” “Maybe the fact that she’s undead,” Baen barked back. “What choice did we have? ” Gower raised a hand in a placating motion. “He’s right. There were no options. ” Baen studied his brothers, both of whom appeared wan, drained. While he looked younger, it was only because he’d been the first turned, nine years before Enos and twenty-one before Gower.

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