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By Jack Richards, Richard Schmidt, Heidi Kendricks, Youngkyu Kim

ISBN-10: 058243825X

ISBN-13: 9780582438255

For the trainer trying to get a section extra into the theoretical facet of language educating and linguistics, this is often an indispensible booklet. It covers much the jargon and terminology that compliment the territory and offers a great, pithy assessment of so much issues from syllabus layout to grammar.

I have stumbled on it necessary basically to get my terminology correct for assignments, however it can be is helping with facing different books that experience unexplained, yet relatively professional terminology. therefore on my own, it truly is well worth the paltry sum had to get it.

The e-book is into its 3rd version now, (to which this evaluation refers), and may be an ongoing vintage within the box. i actually suggest this ebook to you.

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Sometimes agglutinating languages and inflecting languages are called synthetic languages. qxd 24/1/02 16:03 Page 20 agreement agreement1 n in general, two elements agree if they have at least one feature in common. For example, in English the third person singular subject John in the sentence John goes to work early must be followed by the form of the verb go that is also marked for third person singular. In some languages, such as Spanish and Arabic, adjectives must agree in both gender and number with the nouns they modify.

Bilingualism is the norm in the majority of the countries of the world. see also COMPOUND BILINGUALISM, DIGLOSSIA, MULTILINGUALISM biliterate adj see LITERACY bimodal distribution n see MODE bi-modal input n see SUBTITLES binary feature n a property of a phoneme or a word which can be used to describe the phoneme or word. A binary feature is either present or absent. For example, in English a /t/ sounds different from a /d/ because a /d/ is pronounced with the vocal cords vibrating (is voiced), and a /t/ is pronounced with the vocal cords not vibrating (is voiceless).

Procedures used in alternative assessment include self-assessment, peer assessment, portfolios, learner diaries or journals, student–teacher conferences, interviews, and observation. see AUTHENTIC ASSESSMENT, PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT alternative hypothesis n see HYPOTHESIS alveolar adj describes a speech sound (a CONSONANT) which is produced by the front of the tongue touching or nearly touching the gum ridge behind the upper teeth (the alveolar ridge). For example, in English the /t/ in /tIn/ tin, and the /d/ in /dIn/ din are alveolar STOPS.

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