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By Melvin Berger, Gilda Berger

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The solutions to hundreds and hundreds of questions—about every little thing from bears to snakes, tarantulas to volcanoes— are right here in those books for moment and 3rd graders. The questions are interesting, and the solutions are effortless to appreciate and infrequently relatively humorous. Full-page paintings indicates the animals and environments in vivid aspect. childrens will love quizzing their acquaintances and adults.

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The pain that comes from touching the hair often saves the caterpillar from becoming lunch for its attacker. Which is the most poisonous caterpillar? The caterpillar of the brown flannel moth. This caterpillar is completely covered with poisonous hairs. Just brushing against it can give a person painful blisters and a rash that lasts for a week. The caterpillars of the io moth and saddleback moth are also very dangerous. Their spines are both poisonous and painful. Which moth uses poison to win its mate?

The sounds are like little popguns going off one after another. Sometimes four or five of these “bombs” go off in quick order. The explosion creates a noise you can actually hear. 42 Bombardier beetles 43 Ladybugs 44 What does the darkling beetle do when touched? It stands on its head! And, just like the bombardier beetle, it sprays a poisonous liquid at its enemy. But the darkling has a problem. It’s slower than the bombardier beetle. Before it can let loose with its spray, the darkling is often grabbed by its worst enemy, the grasshopper mouse.

Some think platypuses use the poison to stab other males in fights over females. Others say the spurs are used on the spur of the moment! Are any birds poisonous? Until 1991 no one thought so. Then a scientist handled the pitohui bird of New Guinea. His hands burned and grew numb. The news startled everyone. The pitohui bird was the first poisonous bird known to humans. Its poison is much like that of the poison arrow frog. Oddly enough, the frog and bird also look somewhat alike with their orange and black colors.

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