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By G. Rumpel, H. D. Sondershausen (auth.), Wolfgang Beitz, Karl-Heinz Küttner (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1447135660

ISBN-13: 9781447135661

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Self-locking p. e. tan(a - p) "" 0 and therefore negative moment is then required for lowering the load. 5. Trapezoidal and Triangular Threads (Fig. 40b). e. instead of p the angle of friction p' = arctan[~/cos({3/2)]. Proof is according to Fig. 4Ob, since instead of dFn the force df~ = dFn/cos({3/2) obtains, and instead of df', = ~dFn the force dF; = ~df'~ = [~/cos({3/2)]dFn = ~'df~. In this case, {3 is the flank angle of the thread. e. 0' s g~. Rope Friction (Fig. 41). Sliding friction occurs when there is relative motion between rope and pulley (belt brake, bollard with running rope), static friction when a state of rest prevails between rope and pulley (belt drive, belt brake as retaining brake, bollard with rope or cable at rest).

34a): x With a Given Load q(s). e. e. e. dFv = q(s) ds, in other words FIJ = const. and dFjds = qs. According to Fig. e. Fy = FHy' or F; With ds = ~I = + y"dx dFy/dx = FIIY" c: this becomes dFy/ds = (df'v/dx)(dx/ds) = FIIY'/~ = q(s). It follows that y" = [q(s)/FIJJ ~I + y'2. At a Given Load q(x). e. q(s) = q(x) dx/ds = q(x) cos", = (19) to Fig. 34a, q(x)/ ~I = q(x)/FH· ditionsy(x = Xl) = y, andy(x the given cable length L + y" and therefore, according to Eq. (19), y" Figure 34. Cable; a dement, b cable under its own weight, cable under point load.

The evaluation of several concentrated loads Fi provides the axial force Fs, ~ "iFjy/(xj) (see example). Frame Supports (Fig. ~~a). Given: PI = 5 kN, F2 20 kN, a = 2 m, b = 3 rn, h = 2 m, a = 45''', f3 ~ 3369°. ReqUired: axial forces. ~ = Node intersection Process. The unknown axial forces FSi are applied as positive tensile forces (Fig. 'lob). 00 kN = (tensile force). ; .. : Figure 32. '; uf formation I to 4. Determining Axial Forces Node intersection Procedure. In general. the axial forces sand th<: three supporting forces for a statically determinate pin-jointed frame are derived by setting up equilibrium conditions.

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