Economists in Cambridge: A Study through their by Maria Cristina Marcuzzo, Annalisa Rosselli PDF

By Maria Cristina Marcuzzo, Annalisa Rosselli

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The college of Cambridge has produced extra Nobel Prize-winning economists than the entire of France. This outstanding ebook collects jointly mostly unpublished correspondence from a number of the 20th century's key figures together with Keynes, Robinson, Hayek and Sraffa.

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A few months later, on 27 April 1928, he marked another essay with the following words: ‘Very good—almost a perfect answer’ (RFK papers, XI/3). Again, a couple of days later, he wrote to his wife: ‘Yesterday my favourite pupil Kahn wrote me one of the best answers I ever had from a pupil—he must get a first class’ (JMK papers, PP/45/190/4/46). 3‘Under the influence of Marshall’s Principles, I chose The Economics of the Short Period. In making my choice I was encouraged by Shove and Piero Sraffa.

The collaboration continued steady during the early months of 1934. On February 1934 he wrote to Lydia: ‘Alexander has proved to me that “my important discovery” last week is all a mistake’ (CWK XXIX:120). Again, on 20 March, Kahn spotted another blunder (CWK XXIX:120). 10 By that summer of 1934, when Kahn spent most of his time at Tilton, ‘the main lines of the General Theory of Employment Interest and Money had become clear’ (Robinson 1979b: 185). Unfortunately, not many letters survive for this period, but the following passage from a letter by Keynes to Kahn, is revealing: ‘I am getting towards the end of the re-writing which you led me into […]’ (letter 224, 27 September 1934, CWK XIII:485).

In presenting this material I focus on those aspects which may help to clarify the nature and scope of their friendship and collaboration. Inevitably, most biographical elements relate to Kahn rather than Keynes, on whom a vast literature is extant (see Moggridge 1992; Skidelsky 1983, 1992, 2000). It is in fact hoped that this work may also serve as a preliminary study of Richard F. 1 Kahn’s Tripos and fellowship We know that Keynes was impressed by Kahn’s qualities from the outset,2 when Kahn was a Tripos student and had Keynes as supervisor at King’s.

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