Download PDF by Svend Saxov (auth.), Svend Saxov, J. K. Nieuwenhuis (eds.): Marine Slides and Other Mass Movements

By Svend Saxov (auth.), Svend Saxov, J. K. Nieuwenhuis (eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9781461333623

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In some place local mass wasting at a decimetric to a metric scale affects the slope sediments (12). MASS PROCESSES PROVENCAL MARGIN Fig. 2 55 Sea-Beam map and dives location. Erosional and depositional features have been observed on the canyon floor : erosional features consist of depressions with step like walls of metric amplitude(IIla). The vertical outcrops show interbedded mud and conglomerates of probable Pliocene age. , 1971). sometime in overhanging wall (IIlb). Accumulation features consist of pebbles levees, 2 to 3 meters high, aligned parallel to the canyon axis (II2a).

0°. ACTIVE SLIDES AND FLOWS 25 Storms and Waves The offshore delta region is affected by winter storms and hurricanes, which generate surface water wavel3. Seaward of the delta, in 200-m water depths, 10- and II-second waves with heights in excess of 20 m have been recorded. For example, Hurricane Camille, one of the most destructive hurricanes ever experienced in the region, generated waves of 20-24 m. More recently, in 1979 Hurricane Frederic, which passed more than 100 km east of the delta, was responsible for generating waves in excess of 10 m seaward of the delta.

The mosaic shows three major elongate gully systems, beginning with a blocky source area bounded by scarps . Source-area geometry is very irregular, and there is considerable difference in block size and orientation. The narrow gullies or channels are relatively deeply incised, and there is local evidence of side-wall instability, as indicated by alternations of bulbous source areas and narrow chute regions. The widths of the individual gullies vary considerably, from 20 m to 150 m at the narrowest points to 600-800 m where the gullies are widest.

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Marine Slides and Other Mass Movements by Svend Saxov (auth.), Svend Saxov, J. K. Nieuwenhuis (eds.)

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