Rethinking Pragmatism: From William James to Contemporary by Robert Schwartz PDF

By Robert Schwartz

ISBN-10: 0470674695

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ISBN-13: 9781118253687

Rethinking Pragmatism explores the paintings of the yankee Pragmatists, quite James and Dewey, tough entrenched perspectives in their positions on fact, which means, instrumentalism, realism, pluralism and non secular ideals.  It clarifies pragmatic principles and arguments spelling out the numerous implications they've got for present-day philosophical controversies.


  • Explores the paintings of the yankee Pragmatists, in particular James and Dewey, at the problems with fact, reference, which means, instrumentalism, essences, realism, pluralism and non secular ideals.
  • The simply to be had ebook to supply an in depth observation on James's booklet, Pragmatism, whereas exploring the results of the yankee Pragmatists' rules and arguments for modern philosophical issues
  • Challenges commonplace readings of the yank Pragmatists' positions in a fashion that illuminates and questions the assumptions underlying present discussions of those topics.
  • Coherently prepared by way of structuring the e-book round the subject matters mentioned in each one bankruptcy of James's unique work.
  • Provides a brand new research and realizing of the pragmatic concept of fact and semantics.

Chapter 1 where of Values in Inquiry (Lecture I) (pages 15–30):
Chapter 2 The Pragmatic Maxim and Pragmatic Instrumentalism (Lecture II) (pages 31–51):
Chapter three Substance and different Metaphysical Claims (Lecture III) (pages 53–66):
Chapter four Materialism, Physicalism, and aid (Lecture IV) (pages 67–77):
Chapter five Ontological dedication and the character of the genuine (Lecture V) (pages 78–91):
Chapter 6 Pragmatic Semantics and Pragmatic fact (Lecture VI) (pages 92–123):
Chapter 7 Worldmaking (Lecture VII) (pages 124–139):
Chapter eight trust, wish, and Conjecture (Lecture VIII) (pages 140–156):

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He says, “Readers brought up on Popular Science may think that the molecular structure of things is their real essence in an absolute sense, and that water is H-O-H more deeply and truly than it is a solvent of sugar or a slaker of thirst. Not a whit! It is all of these things with equal reality, and the only reason why for the chemist it is H-O-H primarily, and only secondarily the other things, is that for his purposes of deduction and compendious definition the H-O-H aspect of it is the more useful one to bear in mind” [PP II, 334–335].

As in Fig. 1, and Rethinking Pragmatism: From William James to Contemporary Philosophy, First Edition. Robert Schwartz. © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Published 2012 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 32 Lecture II to believe that they are arranged as in Fig. ”3 The difference between them lies in the manner in which the belief content is expressed but not in the empirical content itself. Similarly, Peirce holds that hypotheses differing only in grammatical structure are the same. ” Substituting coreferring terms does not change the content or truth value of beliefs.

15 The blurring of a fact/meaning distinction follows from the Pragmatists’ account of the acquisition, development, and use of language. ”16 On first learning the word a child may equate being a hat with something being hat-shaped. Initially this is all that the word “hat” means for her. Later she learns that hats are a piece of clothing. ” With time the child learns more about the protective functions of hats and other more esoteric uses of hats, say, as fans or to carry sand. ” Undoubtedly some of this information will be more central to the use of hats and the word “hat” and will be more universally known than others, but this is a matter of degree, not a principled or sharp distinction.

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