Sepher Sephiroth SVB FIGVRA Magick - download pdf or read online

By Allen Bennett, Alistair Crowley

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20] rwbf \wqmh la hrwwh Whiteness lasowym Goodly mountain. [Ex. iii. 25] bnqhs hbyr 218 \wf rh Now, already; K’bar, “the river Khebar”; Day Demon of 3rd Dec. D. K. p. D. K. p. 234] Profound, hidden; the North. D. K. p. 666] }wpx p 227 Long, tall ]wra A piscine, pond; [Blessing, Prov. x. D. ii. p. 467) Damna. D. K. p. 569] ]wrb bwrb The Tree of Life rwkz The Tree of Life. [Vide no. 228] \yyjh {o Night Demon of 3rd Dec. k barwakd 234 rwkb Ruler of Earth wywa hy Let there be Light! The rwa yhy Mystic Name of Allan Bennet, a Brother of the Cross and Rose, who began this Dictionary.

Layna 92 laydgm A duke of Edom anm ljn {b Mud p 89 ]yhla hwhy Shut up [wg (Deut. xxviii. ) [Vide no. 572] Body [wg Terror, a name of Geburah djp hmmd Silence 93 A duke of Edom. ] layjm Angel of 9 S. 90 \mwd Very silent The sons of (the merciful) GOD hmbylha la ynb }yky [Vide Liber ABA pt. III] woayw Water \ym Incense hnwbl Kings ]lm A disc, round shield The Pillar, Jachin ls Wicker-basket nd Night Demon of 2 Dec. e A tree Amen. [Cf. 741] The Ephod The “ynda hwhy”, interlaced Possession dop S (1—13).

Q. 652] anqd A seed lon A walking shoe The beard (correct). D. ii. ] The setting of the Sun hmj ymwdmd Was angry, enraged; anger [oz 22 SEPHER SEPHIROTH Lingam }qz The beard. D. ii. 467, and no. 227] }qz Nine Paths of the Inferior Beard; 14 + 15 + … + 22 = Female; Yoni hbqn Angel of 9 S. lawno Day Demon of 1st Dec. i lwblsalg lwsws Angel ruling h p 163 znq A Duke of Edom 158 \yxyj Arrows [Vide no. 361, a ynda \yhla wah numerical Temurah of 163] hbqwn Woman, wife qnj To suffocate 164 }ynzam Balances.

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