Annie Oakes Huntington's Studies Of Trees In Winter: A Description Of The Deciduous PDF

By Annie Oakes Huntington

ISBN-10: 143659037X

ISBN-13: 9781436590372

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All of these techniques tend to lessen soil erosion, create a much more nat­ ural soil structure which improves both drainage and water retention and fa­ vors biological and natural techniques for pest and disease control. OTHER COMPONENTS OF LOWER INPUT/SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURAL SYSTEMS In lower-input systems of crop production, a number of component tech­ niques are used. 31 Rotations There has been a trend in farming towards monoculture or cropping with only two annually alternating crops. When chemical inputs in terms of fertil­ izers and pesticides are lowered, it usually becomes essential to increase the use of crop rotations, both to provide nutrients and to lessen pest and disease attack.

From yields. A farming system is not just a simple sum of all of its components, but rather a complex system with intricate interactions. g. pest control, nutrient supply or cultivation, is the central component. In conventional "higher-input" farming, large yields can often be obtained without any appreciable attention to interactions. For instance, if heavy fer­ tilizer use renders a crop much more susceptible to pests and diseases through production of lush, soft growth, this can be compensated for by added pesticide usage.

Therefore, there is a great need to match agricultural development with the needs of this sector of society. 38 In both cases, the development of an "appropriate technology" capable of translating productive potentials into sustainable livelihood for all has been a central idea. e. ) have been suggested in order to reach this goal. Most of these approaches: (1) emphasize a systems framework of analysis; (2) focus on both biophysical and socio-economic constraints on production; (3) utilize the agroecosystem or the region as a unit of analysis.

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Studies Of Trees In Winter: A Description Of The Deciduous Trees Of Northeastern America by Annie Oakes Huntington

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