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110It appears very probable that the sectarian interpretation of this verse goes back to Daniel al-Qumisi, see Melilah, II, p. 194. QUMRAN SECTARIES AND KARAITES-WIEDER 287 ... 3. D) ,5,i a09' 11 ( ' t n 15 n I ,t' n'"i 1,;pmlnDSK n:',3 '1m'aWnbt 1,'m103bt p0 'Wol =rlrlb n~Dtq -Up ,raimnlKi-:K ,~ip 1D =mtq-bri, n-lbNl 3 al ... p 3 y :13 -ni Ntl H ,rr1 .... i'. "Who is among you that walks together with the poor, the dark ones. This refers to the meek whose faces are darkened and bodies blackened from lack of food and abundance of tribulations .

N n , 'y lmpnn ,'1DK OvW1i, 'W1v' a'nK. We conclude this part of our study with a reference to the Karaite liturgy. It was suggested in a previous context"6 that one of the principles which governed the choice of scriptural texts for inclusion into the Karaite liturgy was a specific sectarian interpretation placed upon the texts concerned. Our present subject furnishes another illustration of this contention. Ps. 102 was incorporated in the Karaite liturgy. Even if we had no definite proof that a Karaite interpretation was given to this Psalm, we would have been on firm ground in assuming that the reason for its selection lies in the superscription of the Psalm oys rmsn which declared the Ps.

92 We cannot expatiate here on this point, but we must refer to Jacob ben Reuben (first half of 12th century) who in his compilation on the Bible93 explicitly equates the suffering figure with "The Remnant"; I bn I 1 n 1 Dn b Onp r n n' ,1 ,DN' (1 ,t3'ew) n l 31 f rmr,hW apt nbrainmrs wivi iD: ,(2 ov) V ivl==I nps bI1 nonet nivy n I r w ;;I 1p 1ln. Onp The term further occurs in the fragment of an anonymous Karaite, cited above. 94 88See Appendix, no. 1. 89 Cf. infra, p. 284. oxy O''DvWl... 'tv' 'i'Dvw Zion, III, pp.

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