The Recluse of Loyang: Shao Yung and the Moral Evolution of - download pdf or read online

By Don J. Wyatt

ISBN-10: 0824817559

ISBN-13: 9780824817558

The philosophy of Shao Yung in historical Sung dynasty

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50 None of this is to say that the “barbarian question” had not figured at all in the China of Confucius’ time. , the perhaps one hundred satrapies that comprised the Chou confederation were well interspersed with pockets of unassimilated non-Chinese tribal peoples. However, the domains of these tribes—like the distant realms of Wu and Ch’u themselves—were on the periphery and, as time continued, whatever threat any of them could independently pose to the Chou order increasingly diminished. ”51 The resolute self-confidence of the Chou in the face of its outer enemies could no longer be realistically maintained by the Sung, and as the Chinese topography itself contracted, so did the experience of that topography by its citizens.

Tsu Wu-tse, according to Shao Po-wen, was only indirectly influenced by Mu. Shao records that “Tsu Wu-tse (Tse-chih) was from Sai prefecture. When he was young, he chose to style his writing after Mu Po-ch’ang’s way of composing ancient prose. ”15 Shao Po-wen’s record of Mu Hsiu’s impact on Fu Pi and Han Ch’i depicts direct contact but is suggestively apocryphal, stating that “when the masters Fu and Han first began to visit the examination grounds, Mu Hsiu (Po-ch’ang) said to them, ‘Obtaining the doctorate is not in itself sufficient for realizing one’s potential.

Moreover, he became deeply versed in the Spring and Autumn classic. Therefore, his writing became rigorous; his phrases, though brief, contain profound meanings (li-ching); [moreover,] his memorials are splendid. The literati circle has [only] just begun to mouth its admiration for Yin. book Page 40 Thursday, January 3, 2002 8:55 PM 40 The Recluse of Loyang Yin and greatly promoted ancient prose. 14 Beyond Yin Shu, Mu Hsiu exerted considerable influence on a host of eminent and would-be-eminent literary men, either as a teacher, a peer, or a rival.

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