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Veronal 41 Ultrastructure of Gonadotropes Fig. 9. A F S H gonadotrope 14 days after castration in the male rat pituitary. T h i s cell is large, contains granules (S), but shows an increase in vacuoles (Veronal acetate buffered osmic acid) (V). χ 12,500. Fig. 10. A F S H cell 60 days after castration. T h i s cell is greatly enlarged but vacuolation (V) has increased. A Golgi complex ( G ) is shown in the center of the cell. Mitochondria ( M ) have dense cristae. χ 10,500, (Veronal acetate buffered osmic acid) Fig.

F. (1954). Cytologic alterations in 5 5 , 857. Feltkamp, C . Α . , and Kwa, H . G . (1965). Transformation of pituitary tumours from prolactin into T S H - c e l l types. 1. Electron microscopic observations. Acta nol. {Copenhagen), Suppl. 100, 161. ) Gomori, G . (1950). Aldehyde fuchsin: Pathol. Endocri- (1950) . A new stain for elastic tissue. Amer. J. Clin. 2 0 , 665. Greenspan, F. , and Haragadine, J. R . (1965). T h e cellular localization of pituitary thyrotropic hormone. / . Cell Biol. 26, 177.

O n the origin of thyroidectomy cells. / . Ultrastruct. Res. 26, 480. Ezren, C , and Murray, S. (1963). In "Cytologie de l'Adcnohypophyse" (J. ) , p. 183. Editions du Centre National de La Recherche Scienti- fique, Paris. Fand, S. , and T h o r e l l , Β. (1962). Spectrophotometry of the periodic acid-Schiff reaction with pituitary hormones in vitro and in histological sections. / . Cell Biol. 13, 239. Farquhar, M . , and Furth, J. (1959). Electron microscopy of experimental tumors. Amer. /. Pathol.

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